Stockfirst India Private Limited is a wealth management company having its registered office in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, (INDIA) which provides stock broking, investment & wealth management services with a range of varied investment, financial, insurance and other related products in the private wealth management sphere. 

The main core business of Stockfirst is Stock Market broking services. We provide exclusive and customized solutions for individuals and High Net worth Individuals (HNI) by providing right investment guidance & learning in the share market. 

Our core aim is to strengthen the investor by providing them with transparent advisory and awareness about the market. We have a solid research in the stock market through which we provide valuable information to the clients so that our clients can take absolute and finest decision about their investments. 

Money can be idle in your bank accounts or Fixed deposits with very small interests but when you join with us, we ensure that your money is used properly and we help you in maximizing the profits.

In stock market the most important learning should be to not lose your money first i.e., safeguarding your principal amount first and then earn profits regularly. This is our top most policy followed with our clients. 

We don't make any false promises, our policy is to be transparent. with the clients which is our top most priority. 

Every investment is in your control, your Demat account opened by us is also under your control. We are going to provide you the right inputs for maximizing the potential of your money so that you can gain the highest. 

We also provide educational services such as training courses in share market and advanced level teaching about the Stock market by team of various experts. 

We provide both long term investment strategies and short term strategies. We have a very strong professionals who are experienced in the stock market & financial sector who are the backbone of our organization. 

We have a proven track record of providing top most quality services for all your investment needs. We have some secret proven strategies which are based on fundamental data analysis and audit by experts by which we suggest you in safeguarding your capital and then earning in both short term and long term investments. 

We build your wealth every day through various investment options. We want our clients to keep growing their wealth. We guarantee customer satisfaction and we always want to build good relationship with our clients rather than just making customer relationship. You are free to question us your queries. We answer all your queries and help you in establishing a better customer friendly relationship.      

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We are Authorised Business Partner & Authorised Person (AP) of ICICI Securities Limited (ISEC) which is a listed company in the Indian stock market. All the stock trading and demat accounts are under ICICI Direct platform which you can access through Mobile App or desktop/laptop. 

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